DIFFUSER + FREE 10ml Bottle of Lavender Oil


300ml Light Essential Oil Diffuser (Also dark model available)

This aroma diffuser adopts the ultrasonic technology to create a soft environment & by adding a few drops of our Essential Oil Blends your room will smell amazing & you'll enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy through the mist produced by the diffuser &  protect your family from excessively dry air,dust, micro-organisms,allergens & more.It suits salon, Spa,living room,nursery,office and so on.Diffusing is the fastest way to get health benefits from aromatherapy oils.

Elegant wood grain design.

Easy to operate & clean.

No heat or hot stem.

Cool mist creates a relaxing vibe.

Automatic shut off when water runs out.

Variable mist & light settings.

Has 7 LED soft light colours. Can set lights to rotate or stay constant.

This product includes a one year warranty & a 90 day money back guarantee.

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